Who Am I



Margaret is a retired Navy veteran who believes in helping people, but was not sure what direction to go. She and her two best friends were walking around a peach festival and a light came on. She wanted to produce all natural products. All she had to start with was a desire and a history of being raised with a sister and mother who were allergic to almost everything around them.

Fueled by her passion, she started to research essential oils, how they worked, various combinations, and the best methods to use. She also started to develop her own combinations for different physical issues. As the years went by she would be presented with different issues and she would rise to the challenge and create a new product.

Body Sensations by MAM was established in 2013 by Margaret Bourgeois. She came up with Body Sensations due to the intended use of the products and the way her customers would feel using all natural products. The MAM is for Margaret, Ann, and Melanie, the latter being her two closest friends. If it were not for her friends, she would have never started this venture.

She is continuing her education and knowledge of how ingredients work together and the effects on people and animals to create a better product.